International Trade Law

CDV Attorneys, has particular experience in the area of International Trade law, including Tariff Law, which forms an integral role in the commercial landscape. International Trade Law is the law that regulates international trade treaties and the tariffs imposed on importers of various products who import such products from various regions.

CDV Attorneys, through the application of administrative law, has actively participated in objecting to and reviewing decisions made by the International Trade Administration Commission to increase tariffs.

CDV Attorneys has been able to successfully assist Clients in opposing proposed increases in domestic tariffs.  In addition to this, CDV Attorneys provides inter alia the following services:

  1. Utilising the Promotion of Access to Information Act, Act 2 of 2000 to request information from public and private bodies alike;
  2. Providing advice to help clients succeed in global trade;
  3. Consulting with the Department of Trade and Industry;
  4. Providing advice on current South African Trade legislation; and
  5. Providing advice on tariff and compliance issues.
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