Commercial and High Court litigation

An Overview

Litigation is the instituting of legal process in a court of law, whether in the form of an application, a legal action or a summons, and may include,inter alia, the:

  • Issuing of summons for breach of contract and damages due, or
  • Launching of an application based on the cause of action to the extent that the facts warrant it.

At CDV Attorneys, commercial legal disputes or issues are never viewed in isolation, but are viewed as multidimensional enquiries. As such, legal matters should be viewed from various angles, with the resultant advice ranging from what we term ‘a short-game approach’ to ‘a long‑game approach’. Ultimately the litigant – whether a company or individual – must assess the various outcomes that each legal move creates and ask the right questions, such as:

  • Will the benefits or advantages outweigh the risks? What will the company gain from the process?
  • What will be the commercial ripple effect of instituting action?
  • What will be the implications if I do not institute proceedings?
  • What will my legal costs likely be versus the award or benefit likely to be received?
  • How long will the process take to either institute or defend an action, or refer the matter to adjudication or arbitration?
  • What other options exist prior to instituting action?

CDV Attorneys strategises with our clients to ensure that we provide you with comprehensive thinking and legal advice regarding viable legal and commercial approaches in commercial litigation.

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