Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation involves a commercial dispute between two or more commercial entities. Civil litigation refers to litigation between parties (including individuals) that does not involve criminal proceedings. Have a problem that needs resolving? Contact CDV Attorneys
A commercial litigator is a specialised attorney who is trained and experienced in disputes pertaining to commercial matters. This would include disputes arising from but not limited to commercial transactions, payments, liquidations, damages suffered due to non-compliance and/or breach. Our team are highly experienced commercial litigators.
Commercial  litigation involves disputes that arise within a business context. These can include; breach of contract cases, class actions, civil RICO claims, breach of fiduciary duty allegations, joint venture or partnership disputes, business torts, and shareholder issues. At CDV Attorneys, commercial legal disputes or issues are never viewed in isolation, but are viewed as multidimensional enquiries. As such, legal matters should be viewed from various angles, with the resultant advice ranging from what we term ‘a short-game approach’ to ‘a long-game approach’.  CDV Attorneys strategises with our clients to ensure that we provide you with comprehensive thinking and legal advice regarding viable legal and commercial approaches in commercial litigation.
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